We made a lemonade! For real, without alcohol or anything.
What? How? Why???


Everybody experiments with new beer styles all the time, we do it too. But for this one we wanted to do something special. Something that hasn’t been done before a hundred times over. We wanted to create a Hop-Lemonade.
We worked that recipe like we would a beer recipe. We tried different mixtures to get the right sweet/sour ratio. We tried every variety of hops we could think of. And we experimented with multiple techniques to get the most out of our hops.
After almost a year of testing and countless test batches we finally had our finished product. It is a not too sugary lemonade dryhopped to oblivion with Mosaic®-Hops. No chemicals, no added aromas, no funny business, just pure hoppy refreshing goodness with just a hint of elderberries.

We are quite proud of our work on that one. What do you think?