You can’t kill what’s already dead! Craft beer isn’t a new phenomenon it has been around for hundreds of years. But with the industrial revolution and the industrializing of beer, handcrafted inventive brews were killed and replaced by one standard beer, some low profile, watery lager, which everyone drinks because everybody thinks beer, is supposed to taste like that. But they are wrong.

Zombrau Siegel webBeer is supposed to get you on your knees and praise god, Ninkasi or whatever being you choose. Beer is meant to punch you in the face, or lull you into sweet oblivion. Beer should be everything and anything. It is sweet, sour, bitter, soft, hard, strong, light, dark, bright, cloudy and clear. Beer is as complicated as life itself. And we mean to keep it that way.

A few years ago craft beer rose from its grave…. And it is pissed! Now it’s roaming the earth with a vengeance. Hundreds of tasty inventive beers, feeding through the brains of conventionalism. And we are going to fight for the undead.

Our mission is to get people to taste beer instead of just drinking it. To show the world what beer can do. To never stop experimenting, and never stop progressing. All in all, our mission is simple: We will brew the best beer in the world. And that is a promise.

Craft breweries are growing in almost every country in the world. Now it’s time that Germany goes craft beer, too. Germany needs a new perspective. Germany needs Zombräu. The world needs Zombräu.


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