It all began in Wolnzach 2009.

It was the season of the harvest and the air was filled with the sweet fragrance of hops. The smell was so intoxicating, that you were actually inclined to stop breathing out altogether.



In the museum of hops a beer seminar was waiting to change our perspective on beer forever. For the first time in our lives we realized that we didn’t know shit about beer. We were totally blown away by what hops and beer can do for you. No other drink in the world could ever match that.

Laeuter obenThe great goddess of beer Ninkasi delivered us two places in the brewing course the next day. This course and the countless experiments that followed unchained a huge passion for beer and brewing in ourselves.


In the beginning we worked with two big pots and a mosquito net to help with the lautering. And that meant about 15 -20 hours of work for about 10 liters of beer. But we did it and we were proud of it.

Braueule unten mittel

But our high expectations about the quality of our beer soon demanded new equipment. So after one year of brewing we bought ourselves our first automated brewing system: The Braueule II. With this fine piece of technology we were able to produce up to 3 cases of high quality beer. After that we brewed on beer after the other. No beer style was off limits. We thought just brewing the standard lagers and wheat beers would be quite boring, so we concentrated on styles like IPA, Stout, Porter, Red Ale, Belgian beers and some specialty wheat beers. Our main goal was as always to create the world’s best beer. No more and no less.

In order to find out the secrets of great craft beer, Tobi was sent to one of the best breweries in the world… Brewdog. The brewery was under his surveillance twelve hours a day sixty hours a week. At the end he returned with a big bunch of ideas and a suitcase full of hops.

In the beginning of 2013 we started our next ploy of our master plan. Giesinger Bräu in munich let us brew a 5 hl brew of our finest IPA in their brewery. The first beer we made that we don’t just drink ourselves (hopefully), but a beer we can share with lots of people. We hope it will change a lot of peoples perspective on beer, as it did ours. We are very thankful that we were given that opportunity by Giesinger and we wish them the best of luck with their new brewery, that they are opening this year.