Have you ever heard of Macumba, or IPA?

My Grandfather was a brewer in Trinidad. And he used to say: ‘If there is no more room for lager, Zombräu will walk the earth.’

And now the time has finally come!

Macumba 2 webGet ready! This will change your life, turn it around and then amaze you yet again. With all the forces of the underworld we summoned this beer. Countless chickens were sacrificed.* Peeled tomatoes were buried under elderberry bushes. And snake eyes were fixed on voodoo dolls.

This summoned an undeniable power. Nobody is safe from the wrath of Macumba. So don’t try to run from it. Then you will see what it is…

Hauntingly tasty!

What is in there:

  • Bittering hops: Nugget
  • Aroma hops: Simcoe, Mosaic
  • Malt: Pilsner Malt, Caraamber specialty malt

How do I drink it:

Out of a big roomy glass, which allowes the aromas to claw their way into your nose.

How does it taste?

At first you get a nice malty flavor from the caramalt, then the citrusy freshness of the hops reach you palate and finally a thick bitterness rounds the whole thing up.

*During the brewing of this beer no animals were harmed. (except maybe some chicken wings.)